28 Jan 2018

Bank record Analyzer

Bank Record Analyzer

Last weekend I was trying to check expenses I’ve done on my online bank system. I was just frustrated how it was not possible to make a simple search over the several accounts that I have at that bank. On top of that, the only way I could export my bank records was in PDF. No supports for csv. This is definitely not easy to search for particular transaction.

I decided to Google a bit how I could read those PDF files by myself and I discovered the python library pdfminer. After a few tests, I could see that this was the tool that I needed and I decided to develop my own application for quickly filtering my bank records. It was around 10PM that day…

6 hours later (so 4AM), I came with a first version which is now available on my github. It is implemented in Python and using QT for the GUI.

The interface is bare minimum but already gave some challenges, e.g. placing the research field inside the TableView header. qheaderview_filter

Thank You For Reading
Laurent Carlier

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