26 Aug 2018

I've got a 3D printer!

Since last week I’ve finished the 3D printer I was building. The model is a Prusa 3D printer. The idea came from my work where a group of people decided to build a 3D printer by themselves. By following the groups and their advices, I could finish on my own pace this amazing machine.

Now it is complete and I can print all kind of object. The following have been downloaded on Thingiverse.

3d printer first object Dark Vador

Having a 3D printer is a nice tool for a hobbyist like me. For instance to create enclosure for the PCBs I’m creating. It can also be useful to repair broken commercial devices by just reprinting the broken part.

Next step is to learn how to model object in order to print them!

Thank You For Reading
Laurent Carlier

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